Wedding photography plays a distinct role in many of our lives. They are treasured photo albums that live through our married years and even longer and showcase some of the best images of our lives. There are different styles that are adopted in wedding photography and nowadays people are given more choices due to advances in technology.

If you are willing to splurge, you could get aerial views of your wedding venue or have smoke bombs to add theatrical effects to your photos. Get separate images captures of just the two of you out in nature before the ceremony begins as well as capture unusual, candid images of the guests besides the organized, portrait images that are taken at every ceremony.

Many wedding photographers also offer both services where guests could click their images with different backdrops and effects, record small videos to commemorate the occasion and so forth. They could also take back with the memories of the occasion that are given out as framed memorabilia by the end of the day.

Indeed, technology advances make photography during your wedding not only comprise of video and still images but much more. It can also help you convince your guests to leave aside their phones and cameras and leave it to the professionals to capture it all.

Check out the latest trends in wedding photography that are in this year, which can help you plan your wedding images. You can also decide on the styles you wish to incorporate into your wedding images and the finished products.