Wedding Photography

Distinct Styles Of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography creates a lasting memento from one of the most special days of your life. There are different styles used by photographers considering the endless demands of the wedding couples. In order to live up to the expectations of clients, it is important to know some of the popular styles of photography.

  •         Black and white photography

When you choose black and white photographs of the bride and groom, it certainly creates an elegant and timeless effect. It enhances the mood of a photo and brings interest to the light and composition used. Black and white photography, especially for a wedding is timeless and considered to be the best choice when there are mixed lightings. This style also makes it less distracting, so the wedding couple can be the main focus of the shots.

  •         Color photography

It adds life to your photos and suits best in summer and the vibrant spring weather. However, there should be adequate natural light in addition to bright shade schemes. The best part about color photography is that it grabs the attention, speaks volumes and shows if the color of the wedding day is subtle or bright.

  •         Reportage photography

This type of photography gives a natural look without having to pose frequently. It is more of a style that suits those who dislike posing for too long in front of the camera. Also, reportage photography well captures the movements when it’s taking place in a way that it allows couples to enjoy the ceremony and still get beautiful images. The photos are quite real with a natural look which is an added advantage.

  •         Traditional photography

This is one of the common types of wedding photography. Here the photography captures the main moments of the day such as cake cutting, register signing and so on. Although wedding photography has changed and become advanced to an extent, traditional photography still holds a prominent role even today. It helps in capturing all the guests and family members at the same time.

  •         Portraits

This type of photography focuses mostly on one single person or wedding couples. Portraits are mostly the pictures that get placed on the wall. The couple can pose for portraits by relaxing while the photographer can control the composition and the background of the venue. These are some of the common styles of wedding photography. If you wish to hire wedding photography services, there are many professionals who do a brilliant job in this field. If you are looking for Syracuse photographers contact Anatoli Photograffi.