Should All Your Wedding Photos Be Candid?

Many wedding photographers offer different styles and finishes that you could choose to have your wedding photos. Indeed, they would discuss these options with you before they take on the assignment so that they can get their gear ready accordingly. While all wedding ceremony photos used to be portrayed and posed in earlier days, barring some, which were probably not printed, today it is more fun to have candid moments on camera which are printed and highlighted or finishing touches added for dramatic effects.


Fun moments captured

Candid wedding photos are fun, but only to some extent. Most photos that have people posing for the camera in different ways make them look great and creates special moments captured on lens. As candid moments are part of the photo-journalism, these showcases the events as they happened, but not special moments when people are actually looking into the lens.

Different styles are preferred

It is best to combine different styles for wedding photography, probably a reason that most professionals do the same. They capture the couple separated in different outdoor or indoor settings, focus on their relationship, both before and after the wedding and in different light settings. Then comes the part where they are captured by their friends and guests. These can be portrait style, but new trends also showcase bridesmaids and men in waiting captured in different poses and settings, even with smoked bombs and other effects added to make the images special.

Printed images of candid photos, unless they are really special, usually do not have much weight as do portrait and posed images. Hence, you could choose to have all styles incorporated in the wedding photos and then choose handpicked ones for printing.

Options for your guests

Wedding photographers usually come with a portfolio of their works. More conveniently, they can showcase their works to you through their website as well. However, seek authentic sources of their work as well as review their styles and recommendations from other clients before you shortlist someone to capture images of your wedding. Before the processional begins, discuss the kind of images he or she could shoot and create for you and what are the styles that you wish to incorporate. Again, many wedding photographers offer photo booth services that can be an added attraction to your wedding. Guests can create their own images with effects and diverse backdrops and get the same printed to take home as happy memories of the event.